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Take away


Russian Salad6,00 €
Lobster tail (2 uds.)5,00 €
Potatoes with garlic sauce4,00 €
Iberian liver with potatoes 4,00 €
Carrots seasoned 3,00 €

To share!

Slices of Iberian Bellota Ham D.O24,00 €
Cured Sheep Cheese J.M.Añejo9,00 €
100% Iberian Loin Cane9,00 €
Tartar of red Tuna of the Almadraba Gadira
Delicious Red Tuna from Almadraba of Gadira, accompanied with a seaweed cream, hot yellow pepper, red pepper caramel, raw onion, tobiko, wakame, mango cream, coconut, beetroot and wasabi.
16,50 €
Carpaccio of red Shrimp
Juicy carpaccio of prawns with pistachio oil
14,50 €
Carpaccio of Galician Cow
Galician beef veal with arbequina oil, parmesan, truffle and caper
16,00 €
Seasonal artichokes with wild asparagus6,00 €
Homemade Chicken Nuggets with Natural chips7,00 €
Fried goat cheese salad
Mixed salads, nuts, raisins, cherry tomatoes, fried goat cheese, apple, on a nachos bed and accompanied with a honey vinaigrette and basil oil
8,80 €
Homemade Croquetas (4 uds.)6,00 €
Beef dumplings with a touch of paprika
4 stuffed pasta pouches filled with Iberian meat and fresh vegetables, with a touch of paprika "from La Vera! over yellow pepper sauce, accompanied by fried apple, cream cheese and red wine jam.
7,00 €
Potatoes with brava sauce
Fried potatoes with brava sauce, garlic sauce and basil. All own elaboration.
4,50 €
Cuttlefish eggs with garlic "Diego Barroso"
Typical cuttlefish eggs cooked in this home from 1987 with garlic sauce as my father did them
8,50 €


Pork loin4,00 €
Iberian liver with lard4,00 €
Iberian bacon with quail egg4,50 €
Hot chorizo, fried pepper and quail egg
4,50 €
Mature Cheese 4,50 €
100% Iberian Bellota Ham 9,00 €

Extra ingredients can be added to all our sandwiches:

  • Green Sauce: 0,50 €
  • Mayonnaise: 0,20 €
  • Tomatoe: 0,20 €
  • Lettuce: 0,20 €
  • Hard cheese : 1,50 €
  • Slice of cheese : 0,50 €
  • Quail egg: 0,40 €
  • 100% Iberian Bellota Ham: 3,50 €

If we love a good meat


Rib with pepper
Grilled pork rib with powdered pepper
12,50 €
Baked rib in barbecue sauce
Traditional preparation of our ribs baked in a marinade of homemade barbecue sauce
14,00 €

Suckling lamb from Aranda del Duero (Burgos)

Leg of Milk Lamb
Cooked in his natural form and baked
18,00 €
Brazuelo of Milk Lamb
Tender and precious part of the lamb, cooked in the oven
23,50 €

If you prefer fresh fish of our coast

Cuttlefish of Potera from Barbate (S/P) 250 gr.
Cuttlefish fished with potera in our coasts. You can order as you like, clean or dirty
10,00 €
Squid of Potera from Barbate (S/N) 250 gr.
Ask the waiter for the pieces of the cuttlefish we offer, fresh and tasty cuttlefish catched at our coasts.
12,50 €