Image from the book "Memoria de Vejer", edited by the Vejeriega Society of "Amigos del País"


“El Punto” (engl. the Point) was a popular way in Vejer de la Frontera to name the stalls that existed in every entrance to the village to charge the freewills and municipal taxes for traffic of goods. There were 5 points: one at the corner of the actual Avenida Los Remedios and Avenida Andalucía, for the people that entered the village via the Cruz de Conil; another one situated at the Cuesta de Cagajón or Cuesta del Concejo that was known as Punto Pastelero; a third point was to be found at the Cuesta de la Barca; the fourth in the actual Avenida San Miguel for everyone entering from Barbate; and the last one, called Punto del Chorrillo, situated just where you find today Bar El Punto, for those entering to the village coming from the direction of Los Carrascales and San Ambrosio.

It was in 1987 when Diego Barroso Castro opened the doors of El Punto for the first time, a small family business located in a new area of expansion of Vejer de la Frontera. His friendly and heartily character helped him to establish a loyal clientele very soon, fan of his humble but delicious menu of tapas and plate dishes, highlighting the classic ,montaditos, (engl.: sandwiches). This was how he made the best profit of the very small kitchen of which disposed El Punto back in this time.

In February 1992, Diego Barroso died and left the family business to his sons, Antonio Ramón and Diego, who despite their young age, took over the reins of the bar and fought to keep it going and improving it, always with the helping hand of their mother who had always been the guiding angel behind the kitchen stoves. Following the spirit of their father, keeping the happiness and the sympathy behind the bar, they are one of the fundamental pillars of El Punto.

The renovation of the installations and the extension of the gastronomic offer has always been a priority for the brothers Barroso Navarro. Like this, they have realized improvements that allowed to transform Bar El Punto into a modern bar-restaurant, with an interior design based on wooden colours which give it the cozy character that fits so much the character of this family.

Its’ large bar area, together with the air-conditioned interior salon and the also air-conditioned terrace allows to offer a great service to the many vejeriegos and visitors that chose to enjoy their cuisine.

A cuisine, that has delighted the most demanding palates during decades, with mythical elaborations such as their grilled meat from the “Parrilla”, pepper coasts, lobster tails or cuttlefish eggs. Today they ally with the innovation and actualization of a menu, and each week there are new alternatives for a clientele that values a good meal.

The familiar treat, and the will to enjoy life have always marked the daily routine, which with tenacy, force and dedication has created the nearly three decades of history of El Punto, once of the most authentic bars in Vejer de la Frontera.

Bar el Punto Vejer
Bar el Punto Vejer
Bar el Punto Vejer